Thursday, June 02, 2011

I Finally Have Work!

After a very long time of being unemployed, I now have a job.  It is a temporary position in a lab at a chemical plant that I started this week, and my family and I are very excited.  I haven't written much on this blog about my personal life and work (with the exception of humorous trivialities) because it has never been my aim to do so.  But today, I'll put a bit of personal info here.  I'm trying to avoid any TMI situation, so I'll keep it light.

I had been out of work for just over 27 months, being laid off from my architecture job back in early 2009.  Since I was in residential architecture, the housing collapse not only ended my job and career, but my vocation for the indefinite future.  My vocation's unemployment rate was/is estimated at about 50%.  After many months of looking, I realized it was time for a career change.  So, for the last three semesters I have been in vocational training in what is called Process Technology.  This is schooling in how to operate the equipment and processes in places like oil refineries, chemical plants, water treatment plants and related things.  Although I have a temp position, which may end up being towards permanent hire, I am in the application process for several much desired permanent jobs.

The past number of years have been extremely trying on my family, not merely from the lack of work and all the hardships that such a thing causes, but also from illnesses, injuries, broken relationships and deaths within family, friends and church, as well as numerous completely bizarre occurrences that Alfred Hitchcock, Stephen King and Jerry Seinfeld couldn't get together and script after finishing several fifths of whiskey in downing hallucinogenic mushrooms.  Over all, we're praying that this job is the first step in a right and new direction for us.  Thank you to all who have prayed with and for us over these last few years.


  1. Awesome! Congratulations!


  2. Congratulations!
    My husband was out of work for a few months a couple years ago and that was very hard on us.
    I can only imagine what 27 months would be like.

  3. Steve,

    I am praising the LORD with you and your family. I know this has been a very difficult providence. I will continue to pray that you will have this or another job turn into full time work. Thanks for sharing the wonderful news with us.


  4. Congratulations. Very good news to hear. Hopefully you might be able to do your life's work on the side in the future when things get better.

  5. Of course, we are's so cool to pray, and then have an answer that doesn't include the word "NO." I'm kidding, of course, but while I know that God is good, and that He has my best interest @ heart, it's hard to wrap my brain around that @ times. BUT, this is wonderful news, and we are hopeful that the work will continue, and that God will see fit to give you work beyond the temporary.

    And, why are you writing on a public forum about our broken relationship?! JUST KIDDING...

    Love to you & Mrs. Scott...

    G & C

  6. Congrats on the job! Sorry to hear about the hard times - hopefully this can only make you a stronger person. I am having one of those time periods as well since about 2009 - but life does get better - really hoping you the best in this new endeavor!

  7. Thanks for all your comments.

    Alan, thanks!

    Mara, I'm working on the book.

    Shelly & C, thanks. A permanent job will have to bring in a bit more to make the ends meet, but this is a start.

    IC, I sure hope so!

    Dan, thanks!

    Jason, sorry to hear you've had a difficult time, too.