Friday, August 05, 2011

Friday Night Potpourri

Worked week:

  • I had an encounter with a skunk at 5am today.  Still dark, and perfectly still out, the skunk was startled by me and crossed the street and headed down.  Whew.  I had to get my gear in the car, and it crossed back and headed up the sidewalk toward me.  I was stuck with the car open, so I shook my keys at it.  It swerved around into the front yard and past the side of the house.  Our skunks are regulars, as they cut through our property, under the fence, and out to wherever they go in the middle of the night.
  • Well, we had plums and apricots already.  Now we get the fallout from our neighbor's fig tree.  Yummy, but a littered yard.
  • I was thinking about grease monkeys recently and what they used to do.  A friend put a 327 small block into a Vega wagon.  The torque almost wrenched the frame for good.  You could feel it as the car picked up.  A roll to one side.  And 140mph was a huge deal when we were kids.
  • It was very windy the last few days.  Out driving it was mostly garbage and pine needles flying around.
  • I saw a Google Street car out driving around last year.  I still haven't seen the latest and greatest up on the internet.
  • It's too late and I'm too tired to think about something to put on this 6th bullet point.  Some times I get not just writer's block...
  • Hmmm, I think it's time for a haircut.

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