Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Startup Mania

Work is very intense right now, and is the big reason for me not blogging much.  I worked 16 days straight (fifteen with overtime), had a day off, and then worked another seven overtime shifts.  But as much work as there is, it is very enjoyable.  A very complex plant trying to start up is very exciting and full of surprises.  Sometimes learning what shifts everybody will work is hour to hour and not day to day.  Unique problems arise, and problem solving is the order of the day.

Church is also in startup mode.  We've been occasionally meeting with a group that is "planting" a church, and the much desired fellowship is picking up.  There's a much greater emphasis on people than programs and we're enjoying that too.  I miss blogging and I believe my writing has suffered a good deal over the last year or so.  Even Friday Night Potpourri isn't regular anymore.  Until the startup at work is successful and things smooth out into normal routine, it looks like I'll be a working fool.  And that is welcome after so long without gainful productivity.  I'd love to drop some more theological posts here in the near future, but life things may be more the speed in the foreseeable future. 


  1. We prayed for work and now here it is! Praise be to God. No need to apologize. I'm curious to know about your experience, namely, after being unemployed for so long, once you started getting income again, what were some of the first things you used it for? Like car repairs? Back rent? Credit cards? A good bottle of tequila and margarita fixins? ;-) Seriously though, if you don't mind sharing I'm curious.

  2. Abu,

    I bought new socks. Yes, seriously.

  3. Don't forget new briefs!

    " looks like I'll be a working fool"

    All work can be worship.
    "Whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord, not serving men..."
    Secular people work for the money. Saints work for the Lord, and the money is His, even though our name is on the check.

  4. Thanks, Tim! I have enough from last year. :) There is an extra immediate reward for working in that fashion. You know why you're working and can feel good about it.