Saturday, January 06, 2007

Another Prego Update

We had an appointment with a specialist, and he determined that the recent problem is not as dangerous as we feared, and Mrs. Scott was taken off complete bed rest in favor of just taking it easy. He determined that some known high risk fears probably won't come into play for the rest of the pregnancy. We're thankful for that. But we're still day to day. In the mean time, though, all four of us have come down with the stomach flu, our five year old first on Thursday, then the three rest of us yesterday. Our soon-to-be two year old had his first experience with tossing his cookies (he never spit up when he was a baby), and I'm sure it freaked him out. We spent last night changing jammies, bed sheets, sofa linens and the like, and gave our washer and drier a good workout. My mom and several others were over to help out during our emergency room visit and for the next two days. My mom now has the flu, but the others haven't succumbed. I hope we can laugh at all this sometime in the future.

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