Monday, January 08, 2007

What I'm Reading Right Now

I'm currently reading RJ Rushdoony's The One and The Many. This is a study in how the one relates to the many, or unity & diversity, community & individuality, church & individual believer, in short the whole to its parts in every area of thought and life. Rushdoony's observation is that all of human history shows man's natural tendency is to favor one of the two extremes as ultimate. Thus, destruction and meaningless are the result.

But he posits that in the Holy Trinity, neither the One God nor the Three Persons of God are ultimate, but are equally necessary. Since creation and man's world are reflections of the Trinity, we are to pattern our lives, our businesses, our culture after the Trinity. Neither the tyranny of the individual nor the tyranny of the community will result. Freedom is maximized.

Okay, I'm only on page 10 or so right now, so the second paragraph is my guess as to what he'll say. I believe it already. I am an avid Trinitarian, which is why I believe I'm also a Christian libertarian, a communal individualist and a biblical anarchist. More to come on how I define these terms and how they play out in everyday life and into the kingdom future.

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