Sunday, January 28, 2007

Other Blogs I Visit

Aside from the four blogs I visit - and read daily - I visit many others each day, but are not quite as engaged. Ron McKenzie's Blessed Economist is now a daily read, and he posts things about general righteousness and how the bible applies to daily life. Many things economic - because economics faces each of us all day, every day. Keith Darrell's In Athens is another daily click, although he doesn't post every day. He's mostly commenting on Christian ideas and some politics. McCovey Chronicles is a SF Giants baseball blog with plenty of sarcasm. for libertarian ideology and musings. Gene Redlin's Northern Gleaner is a daily click. He's conservative with a charismatic bent, and a believer in the continuation of the gifts. He's not afraid to speak his mind, and is a good read. TB Vick's Shadows of Divine Things is mostly theology and philosophy and is food for thought on church issues. Team Pyro for the MacArthurite, Spurgeonesque Calvinism of Phil Johnson and group. A good place to get into some arguments, so I need to exercise control. Got into one with Frank Turk over whether U2 qualifies as a Christian group. I started out agreeing with him on a related topic, but well, you know. Keith Ghormley, The Presbyteer, has a cool banner on his site. He's a Presbyterian pastor from Nebraska who has some great photography. An Anglican touch at Of Priests & Paramedics. Dr. Lenny and alter ego Lemme Howdt at The Zone. He's a real scientist, and poet, and baseball fan. Chalcedon's blog for a reconstructionist bent. At Reformed Catholicism, Kevin Johnson and others wrestle with issues that pertain to the unity of the church and how various traditions help or hinder this.

Other more minor blogs are in my favorites list, but I'm not yet at the point I want to write about them. Some are offshoots of my regulars, some are anarchists, monarchists, methodists, pastors and assorted others that I may have found interesting at one time or other.

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