Friday, February 12, 2010

Back To The Drawing Board

Okay, not really. Different drawing board, with pun intended. My twenty year career in residential architecture was indefinitely put in jeopardy last year when my firm of fourteen years laid me off. I specialized in upscale subdivision homes for large developers. With the housing crisis and all the foreclosure fire sales, builders simply cannot compete by building new homes. So, they (if they still exist) aren't hiring architects (if they still exist). After a year of looking, I finally found the first job that came close to my job description. Three thousand miles away and several requirements beyond my credentials, I didn't qualify for the job. My former boss would, but not me.

In the mean time, I'm taking night classes with an eye to career change. My wife and three kids think it might be a good idea. I've still been looking for day jobs (I left days open by taking night classes), but there just seems to be a dead end everywhere. So, I are a kollege studint agin. I'll be trying to break in to the petrochemical industry through a local community college program to get a job operating some huge oil refinery (or similar) somewhere. I'm three semesters away, and we'll see what the results are.

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