Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri

Brainwaves for the week:

  • When it rains here, or rain is a threat, Oakland airport changes its flight paths for approach. Planes fly over my town for hours sometimes. The engines are cut back during approach, so it's not very noisy, but there are low flying planes to watch every couple of minutes. Very cool - if you like planes.
  • I think we're having what's called a wet winter here. Rain, rain and more rain. We need it after several years of drought. A rain a day keeps the water rationing bureaucrats away.
  • The sole of my boot just separated from the boot at the toes. I wear those "hiking type" walking boots. You know, they look like hiking boots, but not quite as tailored to hiking as serious hikers like. Anyway, these are my second pair since 1995. The first pair lasted eight years, these seven. I'd call that quality.
  • Another brief update from ailing Michael Spencer, aka the InternetMonk. May he be granted full recovery.
  • I want the Saints to win the Superbowl on Sunday simply because of their team from their city. Makes for a good story, too. Hurricane Katrina is still on people's minds, as is decades of bad football turned around. Nothing against Manning or the Colts other than they've been there recently. I just hope it's a good game with a close finish.
  • I'm taking a couple of night classes at a local community college, along with a lot of nineteen year olds. I can't decide whether I feel old or older.
  • This song from my youth was totally cool, and had some awesome space age affects that made it seem like a dream.

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  1. My wife and i join you in praying for M. Spencer.