Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri

This week went by waaay too fast:

  • I remember when I was 15 wondering why they didn't let 15 year olds drive and why I had to wait to be 16. When I was 17 I wondered why in the world they would let 16 year olds drive.
  • A local radio station has a programming feature every weekday at 10, called "Ten at ten." Ten songs from one year are played (sometimes there is a special theme other than year.) Each of the five weekday plays are repeated Saturday morning in succession. Great music and fun every day. For a peek at the most recent song lists, click here.
  • Yet more rain. The letups in rain we've had have lasted only a few days at most, and rain seems to the be norm this winter. Our five year old has baseball practice in an hour, but it's been raining all night, and is right now.
  • The hills all around us are green, due to the rain. Unlike much of the rest of the country, grass doesn't die here in California during the winter; it grows. Summer is when grass dies because there's no rain. That's why it's called the Golden State.
  • Sock oddity: My feet are shaped such that the first time I wear new socks, they are permanently right- and left-footed socks. I can never mix them up, otherwise the stretched out toe will end up scrunched up under my smaller toes, making wearing them uncomfortable. So I code them with a Sharpie, left or right. I fold my own socks, too.
  • Last week's Potpourri song was inspired by Mrs. Scott's attendance at the Los Lonely Boys concert while I was writing the post.
  • Another well played radio hit from the 70's. I never learned what the song was about, but do you really need to know?


  1. I think the song's about a somewhat reckless, risk-taking party animal. And I suspect the picture on the youtube video is from 1985 rather than 1976.

  2. Thanks, James. I would have guessed mid-80's on the pic, too.