Friday, March 05, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri

A week in mental exercise:

  • We've been looking for a home to rent for a few weeks now. Quite a varying group of places from which to choose. Some are old and rundown, badly in need of repair. Some are bright and cheery. Where's the one for us?
  • All the rain this winter has made the early blooming tree pollen quite bad. Achoo!
  • A recently scheduled "date night" between Mrs. Scott and me was ditched an hour before the babysitter showed up as a result of a 104 fever in one of our kids. As a Plan B, we each did takeout from one of each our favorite restaurants. Italian for her, Mexican for me. It wasn't quite the same as eating out because there was no refill on chips or jalapeno salsa. But we still ate together, which was good.
  • Our eight year old is slated to have a photo shoot in one of his favorite places, our local open space preserve.
  • Ad free cars: For some reason, I've never had a bumper sticker, advertisement or even a license plate ring on any car I've ever driven. For some reason.
  • "For best results, squeeze tube from the bottom and flatten as you go up." Best results? You mean fewer cavities are the result from the way I squeeze the tube?
  • Note to the US Congress and the President: You can no more reform the laws of economics via legislation than you can reform the law of gravity. So quit trying. You look like morons. Not to mention you are morons.
  • Yet another song from my youth in the 70's. This one was easy to like.

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