Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri

Hyper extended thoughts on steroids this week:

  • I was rear ended yesterday in a low speed parking lot incident, leaving me half way into a traffic lane. There was only license plate paint transfer as damage. But the excuse the other driver gave was drug induced to be sure. "When I step on the brakes, the car just doesn't stop! And these Toyotas and all their brake problems recently." Yeah, uh-huh.
  • The tree pollen count has been very high the last few weeks. Our cars are yellow with pollen dust.
  • While exiting the park with my kids the other day, I saw a very nice restored 1969 Camaro at a stoplight where we were going to cross the road. The driver of the car next to him was spinning his fingers as a suggestion. The Camaro driver did close to a power stand and put a significant amount of rubber down. We were about ten feet away. My kids got to see something rare that used to be common place when I was young.
  • My dad took his pickup to the gas station. The tanker truck was there filling the underground tanks. One problem. It was the driver's first day on the job and he accidentally filled the unleaded tank with diesel. My dad's tank was full of diesel. Six cars were immediately towed away by the gas station to a place to purge them of diesel fuel. One poor guy started his car and started to drive away. He only made it about 20 yards. I'm sure there's a job opening for a tanker truck driver.
  • I love Indian food. The spices in the curry are wonderful.
  • All the Harold Camping talk this week. The Mayan calendar coming to an end. Other eschatology talk. Please turn in your hymnals to #666.


  1. you are so funny!

    I love you!

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