Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri

Items of thought this week:

  • Not the national news story to brag to your friends about. We've known for years the aunt, uncle and cousins of the high school pitcher in a coma after being hit with a line drive. Hoping for a quick and complete recovery.
  • How much stress do you have? Take the Life Stress Test and determine how likely you will be to getting a stress related illness. This test rates the amount of stress certain life events places upon somebody. A score of 300 means highly susceptible. I scored 704 with only one box to fill in for each. Adjusting for multiple occurrences for the same thing, I tally 1025. I'm still alive.
  • We've secured a new place to live. We should be moving here shortly.
  • Spring weather was in the air this week, with temps reaching the 70's and even 80 today. But that just means lots of bugs and other insects. I jogged without my sweat jacket for the first time this winter.
  • I'm teaching our two year old all the auto maker symbols on the backs of cars. He loves cars. "That's a Chebby, daddy!"
  • Life's been so hectic this week we've had to put off our St. Patrick's Day dinner until Saturday. Mmmm. Corned beef and cabbage, with Guinness. Of course, the rest of you are probably sick of leftovers by now.
  • From The Godfather.

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