Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri

Sometimes weeks go fast. Other things do too:

  • Our first signs of ripe fruit on the apricot tree. Another few days. But, the squirrels beat us to it, and devoured the entire tree's worth of almost ripe in just one day. All the damage was lined up on top of the back fence.
  • Our youngest recently turned three. He suddenly plays in the street, talks about how he's bigger, and recently had his first unchaperoned date. The four year old girl next door came over and asked if he wanted to play.
  • Watched fireworks on the 4th at the marina park in the last town we lived in. It was a tradition that started before we even moved there. One can see four different fireworks shows - ours, the town across the water, a town up the straights and one at a theme park. Being on the shores of San Francisco Bay and it's connected waterways means cooler and windier weather within a mile of the water.
  • I've discovered a way to get my daily jogging in while I'm with my kids. Take them to the park, let them play in the play area, and jog around the perimeter or close enough to it to keep an eye on them.
  • I hope the riot situation in Oakland doesn't last long as I'd like to go to an A's game sometime soon. Is this a national news story?
  • We're scheduled for roasted chicken tomorrow. Mmmm, one of my favorites.
  • Does this still apply in today's digital world? I'm not sure it does. Brings back memories, though.

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