Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri

A wild week in weak:
  • I had a term paper due and final this week in my American history class.  Whew, it's over.
  • Plundering the movers: In the bible, the Hebrews plundered the Egyptians when they exited the land.  Well, we've scored a bit ourselves from others we've known who have moved.  Some friends moved out of state, and we picked up a few things.  A family member downsized so a few more things gained.  And a neighbor just moved overseas, some more.  Included are furniture, a few good prints, and even a pet frog for the kids.
  • Our garden hose recently blew up.  It was from the previous people, and one of the bubbles in the outer skin finally gave out.  So we got new hoses.  Then the hose caddy we bought had mal manufactured threads on the reel, so the new hose can't be attached.  Time to go back to Home Deopt.
  • In several places around the yard there are underground drain pipes with leave traps at the surface, so that water can be drained off.  Well, our three year old has decided to collect all the leave traps and fill the pipes with dirt and balls.
  • That makes me wonder just how many whiffle balls are up in the rain gutter in the back yard?
  • Our eight year old refused to believe that his brothers saw a turtle close to the nearby duck pond.  But they did.  Then just last week he saw two of them himself.  Now he's a believer.
  • I realized tonight that I've been doing the FNP song for a year now.  Well, to celebrate, here's a clever little song just for FNP.

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