Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri

A week's end is very welcome this week:

  • Very warm weather into mid October.  Nineties and near 100.  I wonder when it will drop down to the 50's
  • We have a small orange tree out front.  Probably two feet high.  It has one flower blossom on it.  I thought flowers were supposed to blossom in the spring.
  • The power went off last night in the middle of the night.  One of the kids stirred, waking us up.  It was eerily silent, as a fan in one of the rooms and the bubbling of the fish tank were not heard.  And, it was very dark.  The glow of the LED's in the clock radios were out, as were the night lights.  No lights on for as far as I could see out a window, including street lights.  Knowing that I would trip over something in the complete dark, I picked up my cell phone and opened it.  It was enough light to walk around the house.
  • That's apparently not the only use of a cell phone, as I've heard people use it instead of Bic lighters at concerts.
  • I had a final exam last night in one of my classes at school.  I got an "A" on the final, and an "A" in the class.  Wahoo!
  • After some problems at the wrong time, I now know how to fix a carriage jam in an HP printer.  Judging from the number of posts about it online, it seems to be a problem for many other people, too.  Overall, our HP printer has been pretty good.
  • Oh, wait.  Another radio staple from the 70's.

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