Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri

A week of series and seriousness:

  • There are pine trees along the fence line between us and the next door neighbors.  We swept the driveway today.  Wow, what a pile.
  • How early will Saturday morning come tomorrow?  I've got a strange morning class time.  Coffee to go?
  • Are you supposed to water the yard when it rains?  I'm not sure.  Gene R?
  • Fall.  That wonderful time of year where you clean the gutters and retrieve all the whiffle balls from summer.
  • It's really fun getting the younger kids to follow the changing of the color of the leaves.  Our street is lined with maples that are turning red.
  • I bought something tonight at the dollar store I really should have bought at the hardware store.  I opened the package and tried it out.  It was so flimsy it folded and the main part popped out.  I painstakingly put the part back in, and tried it again.  The second time the strap pulled out of the clasp.  So, I went to the hardware store and bought what I needed there.  I only paid a dollar for the first one, so it wasn't worth my time to return it.  I learned a lesson and it only cost me a dollar.
  • I've already used this song, and back then had no idea it would apply so wonderfully this week.  So, for the first time ever, I'm re-using a song on FNP.

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  1. That's right, absolutely appropriate for this week. We're half way there. GO GIANTS!