Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Elite, The Humble, and Two Types of Government

Two recent posts I made (here and here) regarding authoritarian elites and the governing of others looked at some points Vache Folle made about evil and stupid people. Now, he wrangles with a way to disqualify evil and stupid people from serving in high office (here). People can be combinations of good or evil, and clever or stupid, resulting in four possible combinations. By eliminating those who are both evil and stupid, a quarter of the pool is cut off, so the results will be greatly enhanced.

James Leroy Wilson adds his ideas (here) of why he thinks authoritarian elites still believe in big government, despite the obvious. It's a matter of having the "right people" in control, even if it means risking losing control to your opponents, because they know they'll regain control at some point in the future.

Now the ruling elites believe they are above everybody else because of their ideas. They are arrogant. But humble people who might serve in some type of government have other people believe in them because of the observable deeds and character they have shown over a long period of time. These two types of leaders are quite opposites of each other.

It is interesting that Christian leadership in the bible is defined in terms of qualitative character traits of any prospective leader. Morally corrupt and even morally ordinary people are disqualified. How their lives have been viewed by others, and how they match up against God's standards, are the criteria for leadership. Gene Redlin at Northern Gleaner recently did a series of in-depth posts (here, here, here and here) on leadership qualifications and how to avoid the wrong people. The Biblical form of leadership is very non-authoritarian, as Jesus makes plain in Matthew 20:25-28. But, as Wilson points out, this doesn't stop Christian conservatives from wanting to control others through the civil government.

This brings me to two types of government. One type of government is the type that most of human history is familiar with. This is the type that Jesus rebukes in the above passage, the government of overlording of other people. The other type, which I have written about extensively on this blog, is one which is limited in its scope to the punishment of evildoers for only a limited number of crimes, and in terms of punishments that God has already laid down. The Gentile form of government, which we have adopted in this country, is one where the elites dictate what can go in our toothpaste, whether one can smoke on another's property even with his permission, how parents can discipline their children, and every other aspect of life imaginable. One is a government of freedom, the other of slavery. In communist countries, the only way out from the poverty caused by government overlording is to become a member of the party, and to lord it over others. It is similar in our country.

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  1. Seems to me that the good people believe in their moral code because that is the thing that good people do. A useful form of government would provide its citizens with three key essential ingredients 1) coordination 2) co-operation and 3) self-actualization . I believe a useful church would provide the same ingredients, as well as any other useful organization that has a role in the overstructure.

    This scaffolding should be driven from we the people ourselves and built from sweat equity associated with accomplishment. If the drive for personal achievement amongst the population were similar to the drive to excellence that it takes to be a major league baseball player - we could pick ourselves up by our bootlaces and get back to work. There aren't more umpires working for the league than there are players on the field.

    Having built an education model that assumes virtue in providing volunteer services to public land managers in exchange for indepth training, i now question the initial assumption that volunteer service under the current rules is a virtue. Thus, it's back to basic and Atlas Shrugged.