Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A New Baseball Season

Jesus created baseball. I know this because my bible tells me so. Okay, this is true in a sense, but I know I can enjoy baseball because it is part of God's creation. Since I'm writing this after midnight, I can say that it is later today that pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training. For the Giants, that is. The A's report on Friday.

One reason that I like baseball (and I've only recently discovered this) is that is has a good parallel with the nature of God Himself in the Trinity. God is both One God, and three persons at the same time, with neither expression being more important than the other. Baseball, more than other team sports, is nearly as well defined in the same way. One team, and nine individual persons at the same time. Individual performance (and the statistics that explain it to us) are just as important as the team as a whole; neither is dominant. The whole is made up of its parts and the parts make up the whole.

Here's to an enjoyable season. As a Giants fan, I've got a few extra perks built in for 2007. We have the All-Star Game, and Barry Bonds is poised to break Aaron's all time home run record. Now if they can only win a World Series...

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  1. There's baseball in the Bible. Both Genesis and John start out with "In the Big Inning..."