Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fine February Days

We've had a few unseasonably warm days here in mid-February this week. Just when all the hyper-spastic talk of global warming during the record cold, freezing weather we've had (along with the record energy bills) gave us enough to laugh at, we've had some warm weather come along. Today was t-shirt and shorts weather, as the last few days have reached the 70's.

Our five year old had a field day, quite literally, as the lady bugs were out in full force in the back yard. He filled his bug box with grass and the little orange creatures. The jungle grew about 6" this week, thanks to rain earlier in the week, after I mowed about a third of the back yard. The deepest is about 18". Last year at this time, it was about 6 feet deep because of all the rain. We've not only had a freezing winter, we've had little rain.

We did a small, belated family celebration of our youngest's second birthday. Last month's flu episodes were the party poopers. Our niece had a special thing going, so my folks got to babysit our nephew, but they were already invited over, so they brought him along. It was fun to see all the boys play outside and do what boys could do in a back yard. No girls allowed today. Except for grandma.

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