Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Here We Go Again

I first heard of the Virginia Tech murders while listening to the radio in my car. I had almost no reaction whatsoever. No shock. No surprise. No sympathy for yet-unknown families of victims. No horror, no outrage, nothing. Just another top-of-the-hour news story.

I think all of those potential reactions were nullified by the realization of what was about to occur. Something much more painful. The endless media spin, analysis and regurgitation of this event for many years to come in every media outlet there is. It only took a few hours for the usual suspects to start babbling their predictable slop. Gun control, armies of therapists sent to help, how could this possibly happen here?. Next will be psychological profiles, irate politicians, and hours of children crying. No, I don't think ill of children crying over a tragedy at all. Just the way that it will be packaged and marketed to us by the media.

As an added note, James Leroy Wilson has some interesting comments over at Independent Country.

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