Sunday, April 15, 2007

Illegal Is a Sick Bird - Clarification

Ron McKenzie brings up a good question in the comment section of my last post. Better clarify. I'm using these terms in context of personal experience of usage. I see "legal" used more in context of the American legal system, a body of man's rules, and "lawful" more in terms of God's law. I admit there is some cross over. But men who add to God's word are considered "legalists" and not "lawfulists." I hear Christians use "legal" in terms of civil government law, and "lawful" in terms of God's law.

Additionally, I see American sports' use of "legal" for context of their rules, as they are man made. Illegal formations, illegal defenses, illegal procedure, illegal pitches, etc. I guess I should consult a dictionary and a cultural sociologist before assuming definitions for terms. Maybe my terms are too subtle, like Ron suggests. Oops. If all this confuses you - nevermind.

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  1. Thanks Steve.
    Words are funny. The Oxford is a UK dictionary. It seems that the English use these two words the opposite way round from Americans.

    I can see what you are saying now.