Sunday, April 08, 2007

Pet Peeves

Literally. The last few months have seen me shovel nice, neat little piles of dog crap off my front lawn, and cat crap out of my back yard. I know from whence the feline feces come from, but the canine poopies are a mystery. Near as I can tell, they're probably the product of a pre-dawn dog walk. I hate scumbags that let their dogs do this to other people's property. I've witnessed this so many times in my life (I'm an every day morning jogger) I could write a book. When I was a kid, somebody did that in our front yard while my mom was looking out the window. She ran outside and confronted the loser, who made it clear that it was unthinkable that somebody could be upset about it. Man.

I want to put up a vulgar sign in my front yard about shooting dogs and their owners, even though I wouldn't follow through. Would it be less than Christian of me to find out whose dog it is and return the package to their front porch? At least it would be more visible than on the grass.

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  1. I carry bags and pick up my dogs' feces whenever they poop in a place that is likely to have any human traffic. If they poop in the weeds off the side of the road in my rural neighborhood, I might not pick it up.

    One of my neighbors used to let his dog run loose, and he would come over and poop at our house at least once a day. I didn't make an issue of it but I was amused when my neighbor remarked that his dog didn't seem to poop much and that it was easy to clean up his yard.

    When I lived in Yonkers, it drove me crazy when irresponsible dog owners left dog poop in the park where we all walked our dogs and where children played. We made it a habit to pick up at least three poops from other dogs every day.

    Maybe we could sell poop offsets.