Monday, April 16, 2007

Our Reward In Full (annual tax day post)

(This is a re-posting of every year's tax day post:)

This being April 15, or tax day, I'll raise a question regarding alms giving. In Matthew 6, Jesus warns about practicing our alms giving to be noticed by men. Those who do have as their full reward just that: the notice by men. He warns that we are to give in secret, with only our heavenly Father knowing. Of course, necessity might require the one receiving the help knowing too.

If we are to give in secret, then why are we telling our accountants, our states and the IRS? Not only that, but any other agency or organization that requires a peek at our tax returns. "Hey, IRS, look at how righteous I am! I gave this much to the poor! Now, gimme my deduction!" Might this pittance be our reward in full? The subtlety of hypocrisy.... built right into the system.

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  1. This is such a strange issue for me - since I do not keep track of my charitable reciepts or nothing (I get the point you are making here). I have had a few pastors defend the whole charitable reciept thing and I must say they make a good 'Capitalist' arguement (so they can give more next year).

    But I'll side with you on this one - I think we should give and not expect back (as a true sign of sincerity to ourselves).