Saturday, April 07, 2007

New Blog Links

I've added a new section to my margin titled "other links." These are frequent reads of mine. Gene Redlin at Northern Gleaner brings a charismaticesque slant to things. I added Gene because I read his blog, he reads mine, and we have conversations. I'll keep him here in my links - until he says something that I disagree with (inside joke). Not much goes on at Andrew Sandlin's CCL site that also doesn't happen on his blog, so I bumped it down a few notches. Dr. Lenny is a scientist and baseball fan, while his alter ego writes poetry. He's over at The Zone. The group of guys over at Reformed Catholicism talk about the unity of the church and the history of the Reformation. Society Vs hosts Losing My Religion from way up in Canada. He grew up amongst many of the Aboriginal peoples of Saskatchewan. Abu Daoub is a Christian living in the Middle East and has much insight into Islam and how it relates to Christianity at Islam and Christianity. We in the West rarely hear about the types of things he has to say.


  1. Thanks, I think.

    I'll take you up on that Lunch offer any time one of us is somewhere the other is. I have heard a rumor that Planes actually fly both ways.

    I was going to put my $.o2 in on the Iraq War Support thingy and then thought, wait, I'm in the same boat.

    OK, SO it is.

  2. Thanks for the add and the plug - much appreciated and I do enjoy your writings.