Thursday, January 10, 2008

No Flocking and Trash Day

This year we got a flocked Christmas tree at the request of our six year old. Never again. It made a mess of the house, mess of the yard, the garbage company's tree pickup policy doesn't allow flocked trees. So I had to cut it up and put it in the greens can. Too much time. It still smelled good, though.

Thursday is the hallowed day in our neighborhood. Trash day. The last two weeks it was Friday because the garbage company gave its employees Christmas and New Year's off. So I had extra space in the can this week to throw unconventional stuff. Can't wait for next Thursday!

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  1. I'm glad you labelled this under Saddam Hussein so it can be found again.

    Our church has a tradition where we take our Christmas trees on the Sunday of Epiphany to one of the parking lots of the church and have a huge bonfire. I've never been. We don't usually bother with a tree.