Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Night Potpourri

Random thoughts on a Friday night:

  • It's Friday night and unlike in my 20's, it's the night to stay home and rest.
  • I don't do squash. I don't play squash, I don't eat squash. Any squash. In my last potpourri, I mentioned the winter beers I received for Christmas. One was a pumpkin ale. Eeeew. The other nine were great.
  • Weekend ride home: the past four Friday nights I've left work for home have had stressful happenings. One, I was rear-ended a block from work. I heard the tires skid behind me, and I knew it was coming. The skid slowed the other car down so that the only "damage" was a transfer of license plate paint, but it was still a jolt. Two, I was the last one to leave work and saw as I drove away, but realized only later, that somebody left the Christmas lights on on our lobby tree, and I feared a fire that weekend. Three, just on the freeway from leaving work, I witnessed a small pickup roll over about 80 yards in front of me. Freeway speed, it bounced about 10 feet up in the air as it turned. It landed upside down with the driver hanging from the seat belt. I stopped about 50 feet short. Contents spewed all over the road. Minor injuries. Four, I came upon about a six car smash up on my way home tonight. I can't wait for next Friday.
  • Mrs. Scott just bought 8 pairs of pants for me. One fit.

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