Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Pew Year

Happy New Year. I hope you have a blog of a year.

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  1. Yep it was certainly a piu (pew or PEE-YEWWW!) day for me today as the last day of the year!! Man oh man, you should have smelled the pile that we broke open today with the tractor!!! As a result of it we are ordering new filters for our respirators to filter out acid gasses! I actually had to hold my breath if I was within 40 feet of it and get away as soon as I was able. With my respirator on (it blocks organic vapors... but this was of another world!), it was bearable, but I don't know if it was safe....

    Hopefully it will be a happy pew (as in church assembly meeting type) year rather than too much more of a crappy piu year! lol

    I'll have to send you some photos of the mill site someday.... or maybe you and your family can come up and visit! :-) Enjoy the sights and smells up here! ;-)
    My Mom and Max are here today, staying at the Redcrest Resort (little private cabins with kitchens) a couple of miles from Marty's farm and almost within smelling distance of the mill.