Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Night Potpourri

Music to sleep by on a Friday night:

  • The sale of our house is complete. Signed all the last papers, the buyer's funding came through, escrow is closed. Celebration? Yes.
  • A few days ago our two year old cried for well over an hour, "I wanna go home." Sad.
  • The leaves are definitely a different color now. Many of the maples are still green, some mixed, some red. Up on the hill looking down into the valley, it looks great.
  • Our ninth wedding anniversary is next week. Wow, nine years. Congratulations, Mrs. Scott!
  • There's a huge open space area out behind our neighborhood in the hills. We used to play out there as kids, but the slaughter house was knocked down decades ago. There used to be bones all over out there.
  • This was the first 45 record I bought as a kid. One of two in the same purchase, actually. Can anybody guess the other? You never will.

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