Saturday, November 21, 2009

John Elway's Best Last Minute Comeback

John Elway was one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He is probably most famous for his last-minute comeback victories. He has more come from behind victories than any other quarterback ever. Joe Montana is in second place and isn't even close. What is perhaps Elway's greatest last minute comeback isn't even remembered by most people. It happened 27 years ago, and I found a clip of it on YouTube. I certainly remember it because I was a freshman at the opposing school. Elway did it to us!

Consider the circumstances he faced and you might agree that this may be the most pressure-packed drive ever:
  • It was the last drive in the last minute of the last game of his senior year in college.
  • It was their rivalry game; one of the top ten greatest rivalries in college football history, and the ninth oldest. Bragging rights were on the line.
  • He was faced with 4th down and 17 from his own 13 yard line, down by 2 points with less than a minute to go.
  • A bowl game berth was guaranteed; but only if they won. So a bowl game was on the line.
  • He was one of the top two Hiesman Trophy candidates that year. So the Heisman Trophy was on the line.
  • NFL scouts were watching closely. So the NFL draft was on the line. And...
  • HE PULLED IT OFF! 87 yards in 45 seconds to score!

So why doesn't anybody remember it? Even though the finish to this game is almost unanimously considered the greatest comeback in all of football history, Elway's part in it isn't, because he made a great mistake in calling his last time out. He left just a bit too much time on the clock.

Watch this truly amazing comeback by Elway, and his mistake that caused it to be remembered by nobody, by clicking here. Then, click here for an electronic enhancement of the last play. Enjoy!

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