Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Night Potpourri

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts:

  • My long time friend Tim Hammack - I've known him since he was in high school - is an accomplished chef who left his job at a five star restaurant in Napa Valley to be the soup kitchen chef at the Bay Area Rescue Mission in Richmond, CA. Tim takes unpredictable food donations off a truck every morning and turns them into fine food for the homeless. He also trains new chefs as part of a drug recovery program. Tim has been featured on several national news programs. Here is a recent story (an up-front ad precedes the main story.)
  • Dr. Lenny posts a proposed constitutional amendment I may be able to live with.
  • What would today look like if the 70's never happened?
  • My kids were talking about new video games. I remember when Pong came out. Man, we spent a lot of time playing that one.
  • It was so windy this morning that the leaves falling from the trees onto the wood back deck sounded like rain.
  • Wild thunder storms at sundown today. The visuals of the sky were stunning.
  • Another fourth grade phonograph favorite. I wrote in an earlier FNP that my first 45 was Three Dog Night's The Show Must Go On. I'm sure this week's cover of a Motown fave was not far behind. I've never heard the LP version, which this one is, as the 45 cut out the studio happenings in the background before the song started. Of course, it was years before I even knew this was a cover, but a great cover it is. Relive and enjoy!

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