Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A Thousand Posts

This is my one thousandth post here at From the Pew. [And there was much rejoicing] I've been blogging here since April 11, 2005; approximately 4 1/2 years. Overall I've averaged about 220 posts per year, or about one every day and a half. The first year or so was much more lean, so I've since averaged about a post a day. A post a day is my base goal.

It seems both like I've been blogging forever with millions of posts and like I've hardly blogged at all. I sure have much more that I want to blog about, and I'm sure I could crank material out for as long as blogging is a viable medium. I've racked close to 25,000 site visits and over 40,000 page views (since implementing site data software). My very first post can be read here, and I still have the same basic goal.

Here's to many more posts at From the Pew.

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