Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Potpourri

Friday skipped a beat this week, so here's an extended version of the potpourri:

  • Cal beat #14 Stanford in the 112th Big Game on Saturday, winning in last minute fashsion 34-28, killing Stanford's Rose Bowl hopes.
  • Last week there was a dead skunk on the road when I took my kid to school. By the time I returned it had been removed. The smell from the road lasted for another week.
  • Tim Lincecum won the NL Cy Young award for the second consecutive year. Congrats, Timmy!
  • All the kids (including cousins!) are out of school the entire week. Daytime fun should multiply.
  • Since our move, I've been jogging in a new park. I rather like it, as I've used it since kindergarten. It has an Olympic swimming pool, one of the best on the West Coast.
  • The weather this fall has been outstanding.
  • In what is an obvious play on Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, this video is my favorite from the MTV era.

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