Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Night Potpourri

Dedicated to my biggest Friday Night Potpourri fan, my sister-in-law, who can't bear a Saturday morning at the laptop without seeing a new posting:

  • I got a lump of coal in my stocking this Christmas. From my mother-in-law. It was a Lump of Coal dark holiday stout. Mmmmm.
  • Tons of kids around and about this holiday season; no major altercations. Double plus good.
  • While driving in the car this week, our oldest noticed the bright red leaves of many silver maple trees have completely fallen off of one side of the tree and not the other. I noticed that too at the park while jogging. Wind? Sun?
  • Michael Spencer, aka the Internet Monk (iMonk for short) is ill and has a possibility, as far as I can tell, of cancer. Please pray for him. My prayers are with Michael and his family. He asked me to be a guest blogger on his blog earlier this year, and with what we've been experiencing, I've only made one post. The more important thing is obvious.
  • Jogging in the park yesterday in freezing weather, the grass was white with frost, and the Olympic size pool was giving off a huge plume of steam. People who swim in this weather are crazy. And probably have green hair.
  • It was good to spend much more time this year with nieces and nephews than normal.
  • What should I try to do for a living? Architecture is pretty dead, and my other job leads haven't materialized. Any serious suggestions are welcome.
  • What Christmas is all about.

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  1. Steve,
    I'm a fund accountant in Kansas City. I'd toss that idea out to you to consider. Fund accounting is a small niche job that usually doesn't require a CPA to get started and isn't necessarily heavily accounting oriented. Most of these jobs are located in New York, Boston, and Chicago. But there are some I've seen in the San Francisco area among other places. Pay is in the 30k-50k to start and can go up to the 60-100 range depending on where in the country you work and if you get into hedge fund type stuff. Usually a business/math background will be required. I personally like the job stability, lots of Wall Street types may be getting laid off, but not many fund accountants are...