Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why Team Pyro - and I - Believe In Blogging

Dan Phillips at Team Pyro puts forth a wonderful description of why he believes in blogging, and sticks it in the face of high minded critics of blogging. Speaking of these critics:

Ironically, they often do so in blogs. Have you noticed? At heart, I think, some folks' real concern with blogging is that commoners are doing it, and doing it so artlessly. [Emphasis his]
Later, Phillips takes issue with the mainstream media:

The "mainstream media" existed for decades in lofty isolation, uncorrected, unaccountable, peddling misinformation and lies mixed with truth. Blogging and
alternative media opened the possibility of criticism — and blogging provides that same corrective to itself.
I take this and use the same concept applied to theology. We have our own theological mainstream media that needs to be criticized and corrected.

In these two clips from why Phillips believes in blogging - which are the same reasons why I believe in blogging - I see a direct parallel to my blog's title - From the Pew - and my subtitle - Because for too long it has been coming from the Pulpits, Seminaries and Denominations.

Long live blogging, or whatever freedom of speech and thought will come next in our world.

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  1. I agree. I do recognize how dangerous blogging about our faith journey can seem. We sometimes need an extra dose of God's love and a second read before we hit publish.

    I've discovered another reason to keep blogging. People learn better when they process the information. We don't remember much when we just sitting and listening to someone else teach, or even just reading a book. Blogging forces me to really formulate my beliefs for myself.

    God bless, and keep blogging.