Saturday, December 05, 2009

Friday Night Potpourri

A review of the week's musings and happenings:

  • A night of cancellations: With our kids at the door ready to go to bible study, the phone rang. Study was cancelled. Determined to make use of the promising evening out, we chose the drive-in movies as our alternate. Five minutes into the movie, a fuse blew and we all had to go home.
  • All of our Christmas decorations are in our packed-in storage unit. Most are irretrievable. I think.
  • Leaves are still in every stage of changing colors. Still green. Yellow, orange, red, merlot. Many are brown. Some are...purple?
  • We raked the yard and the kids made a huge leaf pile. The next part is the most fun.
  • I get to see my parents now almost on a daily basis, living two blocks away. They walk in a local park and I either see them crossing the road while I'm taking my kid to school, or while jogging in the same park.
  • It's Christmas Party Season! How's your calendar look?
  • This week's song was one of my MTV favorites, and a parody! I love the reference to potpourri, the appearance of the parodied artist, and one of my favorite announcers. Listen - and watch - by clicking here.

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