Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday Night Potpourri on Saturday

Thinking by design:

  • Congratulations to an acquaintance of mine (but friend of many friends) on his design website Grain Edit for making a list of top 50 design sites. It's number 16. (Hat tip: JA Escalante)
  • Friday Night Potpourri is a bit late this weekend because instead of writing this post, I was engaged in a massive late night Christmas card adventure. We made it to the post office today. A few addresses are still missing.
  • I saw a brand new US currency bill today. I light of the President's even-more-reckless-than-Bush economic plans that created massive amounts of money out of thin air, a new zero dollar bill has been introduced with Obama's picture on it.
  • It's Christmasses time for our family. Traditionally we have four or five Christmasses. Mrs. Scott's family always does Christmas Eve for dinner and gifts, and my family always does Christmas afternoon/evening. So we never have to choose. Also, we have our own on Christmas morning. Then, her dad's side of the family is pushed off into January to accommodate everybody being there. And we also have had a Christmas with one of our adopted kid's birth family, but that one isn't happening this year. So, four this season.
  • I've decided that I'm giving a slight edge in my "Which Rolling Stones guitarist do I like the best" (choosing from Brian Jones, Mick Taylor and Ron Wood) to Taylor. It's just that I think the best Stones albums were released in his era, and the songs are more powerful and emotive. Slightly, though.
  • Funny Facebook status: "Jon Gosselin became a fan of Tiger Woods."
  • The song of the week is some fine 80's pop culture Christmas music.

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