Thursday, September 09, 2010

Escape From Legalism

I've written much over the years here about legalism and my experiences with it.  Some of those things are not currently available, but maybe up for a re-working.

In any case, I have also had a good experience in seeing many people in addition to myself escape systems of legalism.  People that were involved in the same churches or groups of churches I was that no longer are.  People who realized that false doctrine and teaching were destroying their lives.  People who discovered, perhaps for the first time ever, the freshness of God's grace and freedom in Christ.  People who were held in bondage to scrutinizing every minute detail of other people's lives, searching for the tiniest thread of evidence (like the brand of shirt one wore) that could give them reason to question somebody's salvation.  People who were sheepishly terrified of their own shadow, that it might give an appearance of evil by the way it was cast onto the sidewalk.  People who were afraid to laugh because God might think it insobriety.  Or maybe people that just couldn't "measure up" to the rigid systems of man-made rules.

I'm thankful for the great escape, and hope many more find their way out.


  1. You could add: People who were terrified of the world. I'm glad your "great escape" was successful. :)

  2. Jenny,

    Thanks for adding that. It might be near the top.