Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri

Backing up my blog posting time to just before midnight to make it appear I hit "publish" on Friday:

  • Our five year old recently gave himself to cleaning up the pine needles that have fallen off the neighbor's tree into the driveway.  The garbage can smells good for once.
  • Wow, are the Texas Rangers in first place in the AL west?  Wow.
  • I almost took out a motorcycle cop this week.  I had just veered into a left turn lane, and was gauging the distance between me and the minivan in front of me as we came to a stop.  I had enough room, but the bike zipped into the small space in between us and I really had to brake hard to avoid stuffing him into the rear compartment of the minivan.  As we turned left, the Christmas tree went on, and he pulled the minivan over into a gas station.  No wonder he was so anxious to crowd me.
  • The spider I wrote about a few weeks ago that got inside the 70's globe light in the bathroom hasn't moved in about two weeks.  I wonder what happened to it?
  • It's September, so I'm guessing Christmas stuff should appear in stores any day now.
  • Here I am blogging and I remember that my first computer was a Commodore Vic 20.
  • So many versions of this came out.  It just drips, oozes and screams 80's.

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