Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri

A very un-potpourri type of week:

  • With study, homework and a test, my mind wasn't in a Potpourri mode.
  • I filled out a number of forms this week using #2 pencils to fill in bubbles.  Having to erase those is kind of a bummer, and you don't know if the scanner will pick up on the correction or not.
  • My kids have the same school mascot as I do: the mustang.
  • On several blogs today I noticed a popup from my local utility showing an image of a shower head.  All the text was in Japanese.  Huh? [Update: it's actually Chinese.  Oops]
  • All the clocks in our house are several minutes off from each other, with a span of about eight.  Time to correct the time.
  • How many cans do you have in your garbage service?  We have three: brown for garbage, blue for recycle, and green for green.  And garbage day in Tuesday.
  • Sloooow blues in the key of C.  A marquee performance if I say so myself.  For best results be sure to use the 480p setting.

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