Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Any Exerience with Unitarians?

I've had some dialog with somebody who has a small gathering of people (churchish), most of whom seem to be unitarians.  There is the belief that God is one person (unitarian), not three persons in one godhead (trinitarian).  They believe Jesus was a created being.  Apparently they are not also universalists.

Does anybody have any experience with unitarians?  Any special behaviors, or logical conclusions to unitarianism that are odd?  What is/was the fellowship like?  I know how to deal with it from a point of doctrine, I'm just looking for any others out there who have some history with the beliefs.  I know that trinitarians are not always - nor maybe even most of the time - consistent in their trinitarianism.  They don't follow trinitarianism through to practical conclusions.  I'm just wondering if the same thing exists with regard to unitarians.  Thanks for any help.


  1. Well, I probably can't help you with your group. I do know something about another group of Unitarians called 'Muslims' but that's a different community ;-)

  2. Thanks, Abu! That's a large group of unitarians you're talkin' 'bout!

  3. "I know that trinitarians are not always - nor maybe even most of the time - consistent in their trinitarianism."

    I regret to have to inform you that Unitarians are not always - nor maybe even most of the time - consistent in their so-called Unitarianism. In fact Unitarians long ago allowed outright atheists to not only join Unitarian churches but even become ordained as Unitarian ministers. Some of the atheist aka Humanist Unitarians are every bit as rigid and dogmatic in their unbelief as religious fundamentalists and are thus what I refer to as "fundamentalist atheists." Indeed these "fundamentalist atheist" Humanist U*Us can be outright hostile and abusive towards God believing people of all kinds. And yes. . . I am speaking from bitter *experience* of such intolerant and abusive "fundamentalist atheist" Unitarians. I still haven't figured out why such atheist bigots would want to attend a Unitarian Church on any given Sunday given that the very meaning of the word Unitarian implies belief in the unity aka Oneness of God. Atheist Unitarian is an oxymoron AFA*I*AC.

    Just Google "Robin Edgar" and Unitarians for much more detailed information about my experience with Unitarians.

    For the record I visited the San Francisco Unitarian Church in August of 2006. I did not encounter any such "fundamentalist atheists" but was only there for one Sunday service. I will say that San Francisco Unitarians were none-the-less rather cold and unwelcoming towards a newcomer. Most ironically the few people who did behave in a welcoming manner were some non-members who attend the church but are have not actually joined it as bona fide members. Maybe there is a reason for their reticence to become members. . .

  4. My personal experience with Unitarianism is limited to it being the compromise of choice for a religiously-mixed married couple I know (one of non-denominational Christian heritage and the other some sort of Jewish heritage). I think the movement essentially no longer means what it did in the 1800s. Now it seems like just a way to participate in "organized religion" when one's an agnostic or deist.