Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Night Porpourri

A week in the routinely unroutine:

  • Twilight Zone:  Just Tuesday night in my class - I'm learning operations at industrial plants like refineries, this is my second of three semesters in a career change attempt - we learned about the flare systems in industrial plants, how power outages affect oil refineries, what happens, all about those huge flares that burn up in the air, about the smoke, about the flames, environmental hazards, and how the media covers such incidents.
  • Wednesday night, on my way to my other class, a nearby refinery had a power outage, and had huge flare fires that sent smoke into the air for miles.  Our vicinity had an emergency warning over TV and radio, and Mrs. Scott brought the kids indoors, etc., for possible affects of the release.
  • My Tuesday/Thursday instructor works at that refinery.  Class was cancelled on Thursday, as he was working overtime dealing with the incident that shut down the refinery.  This is bizarre.  We had an object lesson about that very thing the next night at his refinery.  Is Rod Serling still alive?
  • My folks' neighbor sodded his yard and had some rolls left over.  Patch time!
  • Yesterday was my tenth wedding anniversary.  My cancelled class allowed me to be with Mrs. Scott at home.
  • It's football weather, and the kids have taken to playing in the street.  Just like when I was a kid.  It was great to be out there.
  • It was model airplane building week around here.  Mmmm, the smell of glue, model paint and paint thinner.
  • A classic from the 80's, for which Mrs. Scott has a fondness.  Happy anniversary!

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  1. Thank you Babe! I love you!