Monday, July 25, 2011

Starting Up and Not Blogging Much

It's odd. Mrs. Scott and I were talking this evening and I mentioned that I was involved in three start-ups right now.  I'm working during a startup at a new plant for a startup company.  It's their first plant.  And we've started meeting with a group that is doing a startup phase of a new church.  And if you wanted to push the issue even further, you could rightly say I'm in the startup phase of a new career.

I've been absent from the blogosphere lately as I've been working a lot, and working opposite schedules with Mrs. Scott.  I could purposefully engage in another startup (creating a new blog), but I won't do that.  I've kind of thought about our lives over the last few years as starting over in so many areas.  I might as well be involved in so many startups, doesn't it seem?  Is this how God works, starting people over in everything at once?


  1. It's OK. Good to be on the starting block. It means you are departing from where you are. Go with it.

  2. Yeah, where we were wasn't the American Dream even though some people would think so.