Monday, June 04, 2007

Jewish Rabbi Against National Israel and Zionism

A friend sent me a YouTube clip (approx. 4 min.) of a Jewish Rabbi who opposes the existence of the nation of Israel and the "false" religion of Zionism. He claims that the Jews, Muslims and Christians have lived in peace in the Middle East for years, and only the phenomenon of Zionism has created the huge problems there in recent decades. I've heard things like this before. There is a Jewish community in Iran and has also been Jewish member of the Iranian Parliament.

It makes me question even more the US involvement in the Middle East and the bizarre eschatalogical doctrines found in dispensational pre-millenialism.


  1. I have heard this also - always ranting against Zionism - as if they are the only problem in the whole situation (or the foundational problem). I think they need to re-evaluate this stuff more in the Middle East and to how each side in these conflicts treat one another (who suicide bombs who?). There is so much problems but I do know there is room for oodles of change.

  2. Anti-semite!??? hmmmm