Friday, June 22, 2007

MURDER! In the Neighborhood

I drove up on my way home from work today, and the meat wagon, tons of cops and plenty of yellow tape blocked the street about five houses down. Neighbors were out in force and yakking. I knew instantly that it was probably a murder.

The cops are silent, but the one thing they let on to is that it wasn't a home invasion. The rumor mill has a few extra juicy pieces. It's supposedly a 26 yr old male on one account, but another has the cops unable to tell if it's male or female. I don't know how scary to take that. Also a rumor that a dead dog was found, too. But the house was bought about 6 months ago, and I've never met the neighbors. Apparently, the owner wasn't the one killed. It'll be on the news tonight for sure.

[UPDATE:] The homicide made the news, and the camera that shot the crime scene footage was right out in front of our house. The news reported the victim was a 27 yr old male. I also recall being heckled by some kids (late teens/early 20's) a few days ago while jogging past that house.


  1. Wow,

    I have lived a sheltered life.

    Nothing like that has ever ever happened to me.

    Not in 60 years. And I live in Chicago.

  2. I've never experienced this before, either. Neighbors have died - natural causes, etc. - thefts in various neighborhoods. But murder? No.