Saturday, June 02, 2007

WWII Bombers Overhead

When I was a kid I loved watching World War II documentaries. I was fascinated by the war as history and loved the "conventional" (i.e. pre-nuclear, pre-jet, pre-electronic technology) aspect of it. I was particularly interested in allied bombers.

This last week, a group of touring, restored WWII bombers have been flying out of our local airport. Occasionally, maybe annually, this group of bombers comes to our area. This year, a B-25, a B-24 and a B-17 are featured. You can take tours of the planes, and for $425 you can fly in one. Our house is within a few hundred yards of the flight pattern on the last loop before landing. They also fly close to the freeway down to where I work, so I've seen them several mornings on my drive in. Today, they've been flying overhead all day.

The noise they make is awesome. It's hard to imagine thousands of them at a time flying out of England on their way to Germany. While typing, a B-17 (my favorite) just flew low over head just a few blocks away. Whoa!


  1. Cool - thanks for the insight into your personal connection to these planes.

  2. I saw one... It was awesome! Although I am not sure which kind it was, it was still cool! :-)