Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ron Paul For god - and - Libertarian Fearmongers

Two topics lumped into one short post. Okay, Ron Paul won't win the election in 2008. But his running for president is bound to bring up some much needed discussion on topics that have been left under the rug. Some people, it seems, are so enraptured with him that they are ready to thrust him past the presidency and into the position of God. A little less Ron Paul worship, please.

Some libertarian writers are really no different from the fearmongers of other ideological persuasions. Whether from no-nukes, neo-cons, environmentalists or religious fundamentalists. Yes, we know that the state is dangerous and commits many evil acts, but the idea that the state will plunge us into a totalitarian abyss of hell in just a few short years is taking things a bit far. A little more optimism, please.


  1. Libertarian fear-mongering? I plead guilty. But that's because the totalitarian hell begins when the totalitarian powers are claimed and first used, not when they've become commonplace.

    Ron Paul-worship? I plead innocent, though I do promote his campaign on my blog as the best by a mile among the major party candidates. When you think about it, isn't the fact that someone like Ron Paul is getting enthusiastic support and rock-star adulation actually a cause for optimism?

  2. James,

    Rock star status? Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Ron Paul Jones and John Bonham. You may have a point here.

    Let me clarify about the fearmongering. "Houston we have a problem" is fine, but "the sky is falling and we're all gonna die, like, tomorrow" is more what I was aiming at.

  3. Hey Dude, while of course you are right about the hyperbole, this country is in much more dire straights than the vast majority even have a clue whatsoever about. I'll have some conference sessions for you to listen to sometime soon and I think you will agree. A few years from now being plunged into a totalitarian abyss of hell? lol well I don't know about the abyss of hell part, but I think the truth is that it isn't such an outrageous statement at all.
    That said, it isn't something that we should fear, but rather moving forward optimistically, while at the same time in fear and trembling (although not due to the State, but rather to God), we need to get our house in order and take action in all areas of our lives including the State, especially at this critical juncture.
    God is sovereign and in control. It is a spiritual battle. Prayer and repentance are a good beginning.
    P.S. Go Ron Paul! lol
    Actually I don't even know what his faith is like at all, other than his profession.... Otherwise, I can't say that I know of any other candidate worth voting for. Who cares if he has a chance to win? The vote needs to be cast for the one who is worthy of it, not for some loser who has a better chance to win.
    See you around!
    P.S. I'll be thinking of you while enjoying the campground's "facilities" this weekend! hahaha

  4. Screw democracy! (or Representative Republic...) I say we should put Ron Paul up for King!!

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