Friday, June 08, 2007

Would You Name Your Daughter "Jezebel"?

It's fun to pick out names for a baby that will soon be born. Especially for a girl. Even though my wife is pregnant with a boy, we picked out a girl's name before we knew the gender. The last girl's name we would ever choose is Jezebel. I'm sure that's the case with most people.

But why? What's so bad about Jezebel? Just the name itself conjures up thoughts of dastardly evil. It is a name used to defame a woman to the lowest level possible. It is one of the harshest remarks possible, and imputes the sleaziest of whoredoms, oozing with the most depraved and vile form of wickedness. Would you name your daughter Jezebel?

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  1. In the 1930 US census, there were 18 women named Jezebel. In 1910, there were 21. 61 Jezebels were born in California between 1905 and 1995. 29 were born in Texas between 1903 and 1997. There appear to be over 100 Jezebels living in America today. There is even a record of a black male, Jezebel Williams, who registerd for the draft in WW1.

    There have ven been a number of folks named Lucifer.