Thursday, February 28, 2008

A New Convert to Catholicism

Erik Twist, of Priests and Paramedics, part of my blogroll for a long time, has recently converted to Roman Catholicism. Read why here.


  1. As I recently told a mutual friend of ours, If I were not a sold out Pentecostal I would be Catholic. I have more in common with the Catholic Church than I do with the Evangelicals and Reformed movements. It's not the ritual. It's the passion and intimacy. Teresa of Avalon. When I read the Anchoress blog of a devoted Catholic, I find myself trending with them. The idea that you can intellectually grasp the magnificence of Jesus is irresponsible. Must be experienced, can't be explained.

    So for this dear brother. I get it. I probably won't join you. I get the same connecting in passionate worship (not rock and roll worship) when I am engaged at one of the Pentecostal worship services.

    One other thing, Catholics that convert form Catholicism to Pentecostalism have a very short leap. Catholics believe what we believe for the most part. The supernatural, real presence, the value of the Eucharist, healing, and passion.

    All things kinda missing in my evangelical brethren.

    So go for it Erik. I won't join you, Yet.

  2. I was raised Roman Catholic and left the Church when I turned 18 shortly after my mother left.

    I really like the priest and have no doubt that most clergy are very devoted.

    I don't know how to put what I want to say with out being blunt. Many if not most of those who I know or have known that faithfully go to Mass each week reject the inerrancy of Scripture.

    It is really sad that Protestants who believe in the inerrancy of Scripture has splintered into 33,000 denominations. But that is a poor reason to convert to Catholicism.

  3. Jason, I bet if you leave this comment at Erik's blog he would be glad to share with you his thoughts on inerrancy.