Saturday, February 02, 2008

Stupor Bowl

I'm trying to ignore as much Super Bowl hype as possible. It makes it easier to enjoy the game once it appears. When I was younger, we used to use the halftime show as an opportunity to go outside and toss the football around. My oldest is now six, so maybe I could start a tradition with him (my three year old can join in) and play football during halftime.

I'm torn on the outcome of the game. I usually want the underdog in such a situation, but there's also an opportunity for the Patriots to supplant the vocal members of the 1972 Dolphins team. I don't like the football Giants so that might help me in my decision. I'll let my emotions decide once the game has started. I'd like a close game, unlike most of the Super Bowl routs in the past several decades. The Super Bowl is the last hurdle before pitchers and catchers report.

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