Thursday, February 07, 2008

Survey Results: Eschatological Anarchy

Thanks to all who replied to my survey on eschatology. I had no idea I would get the varied responses I did. A few observations are in order.

With one exception, each of the respondants had either some doubts or uncertainty about future events. I find it odd that many people I've known in my Christian life have reserved their most dogmatic sentiments for eschatology - for things that haven't even happened yet! Billy Goat admits switching positions, and Gene is looking into another view. Abu plays it safe with a historical creedal summary of givens. Me, personally, I'm on my fourth (or fifth depending on how you count them) different view of eschatology. I've held to dispensational pre-mil, a-mil (two varieties if you count Harold Camping's a-mil as different from traditional), historic pre-mil and now a variation on post-mil.

Bruce is very correct in stating that where one begins determines where one finishes. What is God's purpose for creating the earth and putting man here is a question whose answer will greatly affect one's view of eschatology. But a warning: the opposite is just as true. One's view of eschatology, if that view is putting the cart before the horse, can gravely affect one's view of life and purpose for living. It can even be greatly destructive. I have personal experience with such a view, and hope to soon share some of the important aspects on this blog.

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